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DJATOM was a conception at the turn of the Millennia and an alias created by James Jackson to assume his passion for creating music as a DJ At Home when this website launched in 2004.

From our beginnings in music creation in the year 2000 until today DJATOM has evolved to become DJATOM Website Services. It's sole Creative Director from the start is James Jackson and is a freelance individual who provides online web content and design services.

Selected clients are offered diverse & unique services which include Visual Creation & Photography, Web Design, Consultancy for Retail, Communications and Technical Support all of which empower their own business needs. (Photo - James Jackson & Tulisa Contostavlos during filming for her alt. music video 'Live It Up')


DJATOM Website Services are delighted to be celebrating our 10 Years in Business and the 10th Anniversary of www.DJATOM.co.uk being online since it launched on 21st July 2004! Read our full featured article "DJATOM Website Services Celebrates 10 Years in Business 2004 - 2014" here >>

We will be launching a new website shortly to commemorate this milestone, in the mean time why not view our History and Achievements to date Via Our Facebook Page >>

James Jackson & Tulisa Contostavlos

DJATOM Website Services Celebrates 10 Years In Business 2004 - 2014


Music Creation - The DJATOM Music site is now available online exclusively at...

This service is no longer offered and is now confined to our History more of which can be read here soon. You can listen to the exclusive track DJATOM Ft. Ivan M - Year 5005 at Last.fm >>

Our biography and other information is also available at Last.fm while this page is updated and incorporated into the history of DJATOM which is now DJATOM Web Site Services.

You can also find out more about the artist and saxaphonist Ivan M whom we colaborated with here >>

DJATOM Music on Last.fm >>

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