:: DJATOM Cares - The Environment & Good Causes ::

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DJATOM Website Service avoids printing anything and instead focuses client information over the phone or by SMS and by sending correspondence via Email and PDF formats.

It is suggested that if you do need to print anything that is sent then please shred personal documents & recycle where available afterwards. Together we can reduce waste and our carbon footprint.
Recycle - The possibilities are endless

:: Our Current Charity Work - World Wide Fund for Nature ::

DJATOM Cares is currently raising money for World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF). Please make a donation via the JustGiving page below.

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More information on WWF is available at their website >>

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:: Previous Charity Work - BHF 30mile Worcestershire Bike Ride 2012 ::

Thank you so much everyone. The final donations are in and counted and we have raised over our target! The total of £305.00 + Gift Aid (another £45.00) has been sent to the British Heart Foundation so that they can continue their vital research and life saving work.

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More information on BHF is available at their website >>

See more DJATOM Cares Charity Work here >>


October 2013 Fund Raising Update

BHF Target Reached - Thank You :)


May 2012 Fund Raising Update

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:: HP Power To Change ::

DJATOM Website Services in the UK is powered by HP Hardware and therefore is proud to be a part of the Power To Change initiative.


Download the PDF document below and share it online with your friends. You can also visit the HP Power To Change link below for more details.

Some thing as simple as just turning off your PC after use, rather than leaving it on can reduce carbon emissions greatly if we all were to see the logic.

It is a good idea to educate children about these simple things they can do from a young age. If they are brought up doing this then they will find it natural to do this throughout their life.

It is all about the re-education of people to make differences in our lives. We want our children, and children's children to live in a healthy environment.

Power to Change is dedicated to showing people what they can do to make the world we live in a better and more eco friendly place.

DJATOM Website Services acts upon this by using energy saving states such as PC Hibernation and in addition to always powering down and switching equipment off once used and never allowing hardware to go on standby.

Adobe Reader will be required to view PDF files. You can download it for free by visiting Help & Support >>

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