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How To Send An SMS Message

How can I send an SMS message, will it work and will you reply?

You are able to send an SMS message to DJATOM Website Services in the same way that you may already send them to friends and family.

It is very easy and all you need to do is send your SMS to +44 7892 930203 outside the UK or 07892 930203 UK only.

Any SMS messages received will be replied to by either an SMS message back to the number that sent the message or by Email if you have specified one. If you would like to indicate you preference then please include this in your message.

Remember to keep your SMS message shorter than 160 characters other wise you may not be able to send the message to me, or you will be charged for more than one message by your service provider.

For more information in relation to SMS charges consult your SMS service provider.

How To Send An SMS Message


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